Ministro Dias Toffoli

Supreme Court of Brazil’s inquiry against fake news: advancement or step backwards?

On March 14, the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (Supremo Tribunal Federal – STF), Dias Toffoli, ordered the opening of an inquiry to investigate the alleged existence of slander, threats and fraudulent reports against the Court, its members and relatives. The investigation, which has the Minister Alexandre de Moraes as rapporteur,…


The Anti-Meme Law: Article 17 approved in Europe. Have multiple MEPs voted mistakenly?

On March 26th, 2019, the European Parliament adopted the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Popularly dubbed an “anti-meme law,” this document promises a number of troubling repercussions for the internet, both on the European and global scene. This article intends to carry out an analysis of the document’s final version and to…


Risks and Resistances for Women on the Internet – Practical Possibilities of Cyberfeminism in the Digital Age

The internet has increasingly become a platform for the construction of new feminisms, for the organization of political mobilizations in favor of guidelines that affect women and the formation of feminists throughout the country. On the other hand, it is also through the internet that other forms of (digital) violence against women are created and…


Open Data Day

You must have played with lego sometime in your life. Have you ever thought about how each block has versatility to integrate into different structures? That’s how open data works – only instead of toys, with them we can build reality portraits. On that special Open Data Day – that is on it’s 9th edition…


Changes in the Brazilian Law on Access to Public Information: Bureaucracy reduction or transparency restricting?

Top trend on the Brazilian Twitter last Thursday, 24/01, amendments to Decree 7.724 / 12 that regulates the Brazilian Law on Access to Public Information during the interim presidency of president Hamilton Mourão generated wide alert. The main controversy was that from the new possibility of the commissioned servers classify information as secret or top…


Memes, YouTube and copyright: The European Union Directive and its possible impacts

Following the entry into force of the law of protection of personal data with the greatest international repercussion – the General Data Protection Regulation – the European Parliament approved a directive with a great financial impact on the revenues of large online content providers such as Facebook, Youtube and Google. The Directive on Copyright in…